About Us

Today, many of us are aware of the environment and actively pursue a lifestyle that is environmentally-friendly. We recycle bottles and cans, we carpool, and we compost in our backyards. When it comes to furniture, however, most of us are apt to throw out the old and buy new, or we just continue to live with that dingy sofa.

When you consider reupholstering, you get the best of both worlds. You do not have to throw out your existing furniture because you can re-cover it with your choice of fabric. You get the look that you want, minimize waste, and save money. Plus, the quality you receive is much better than what you can buy at a “big-box” store. Custom made furniture can also be made to suit the size of any room; if you are thinking of downsizing, we can make furniture to fit your needs.
Recovering London Since 1973. Think Green! Recycle and Recover it.

At London Reupholstering, we specialize in fine custom upholstering and repairs. We have the skill, precision and 38 years of experience to reupholster your antiques and contemporary pieces. Give us a call today to discuss your next upholstering project. We cater to clients in London and the surrounding areas.